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Hello! I'm RosieGaga! I'm a Cosplayer, and some things I really like are Hello Kitty, Monster High, Starfire and the Teen Titans, Tamagotchi, Lalaloopsie, Pokemon, TokiDoki, Final Fantasy, Nintendo, Sailor Moon, Jeremy Scott, Dragon Ball Z, Disney, and more but I'll stop now~
Here's a link to my facebook page for cosplay updates! https://www.facebook.com/RosieGagaCosplay

And you can find my pokemon stones at
my storenvy: http://rgdesigns.storenvy.com/

Pokemon stones!! I finally have all of the original pokemon evolution stones up for sale in my storenvy! Please check them out if you have the chance! They’re all hand made out of resin and are very durable- Great for any pokemon cosplayer or enthusiast! :DD 


FIRE STONES FOR SALE~!!! There are a few up in my storenvy right now so if you are interested you better get them while they’re hot!!! …haha……… lol. But yeah, check ‘em out!! Thunder stones will be available soon so keep a lookout for those as well! :D 


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